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Any policy which contains a valuation clause should be carefully reviewed to understand the circumstances when a benefit payment is necessary. Also, a policyholder should do a regular review of the listed shillings value for the property. Values which do not keep up with the reasonable cost of living, inflation, or changes to the local Building Code cost increases may not adequately protect the policyholder. Valuation clauses have a basis on an array of different factors about the specific property and individual budget requirements.

Determining the cost of articles covered by insurance is an essential but time-consuming step in getting insurance coverage. By understanding how much an item is worth, the policyholder is better able to determine the level of coverage they require. Also, policyholders should determine coverage based on maximum foreseeable loss. In some cases, the insurance provider may expect the insured to update the value of items covered in the policy periodically using a full reporting clause.


A valuation whereby the owners asset i.e. is used as a guarantor by the bank or any other lending institution i.e. micro finance in order for the client to secure a loan that is almost equivalent to the market value of the car.


Immediately following a motor vehicle accident you will want to receive a thorough physical evaluation. This will be important information especially in determining whether the Motor vehicle is reliable or write off.


A bond is a temporary reprieve that one gets from the court pending hearing of a case. A valuation for Court Bond is a valuation conducted for the purpose of presenting it in a court of law so that a bond may be granted.